Emojis how do you use them on your phone/computer?🧨

Curious if people use emojis and what they use them for? I understand texting but I would like to know if people use them for contacts, notes, reminders? Stuff like that.

Im using them more and more. Trying to figure out how to use them in notes and other things just to get it more organized.


There’s quite a bit of visual meaning available in the “emoji” set available on macOS with using the Control+Command+Space Bar shortcut to pop open the emoji/symbol viewer. I use some of this with Messages – although the tap-back feature is better – but use it mainly in apps such as Curio when I adorn lists, text, etc., with symbols available in the fewer. It’s quicker to scan a set of figures on a page looking for the symbols than it is to scan it looking for text strings.


I only use a very few in text messages and to note a reaction in slack. I use a thumbs up, a couple of smiling faces, the beer glasses and the wine glass and that’s about it. I hate them in notes, reminders or attached to contacts or really anyplace other than a quick text message. They are confusing and distracting to me. I like plain text for all those things with a minimal amount of white space. I’ve seen some implementations where people use them in Obsidian or in Omnifocus and I can’t see how it helps but then I’m a reader by preference. I’m perfectly happy with dense text heavy web pages, or lists of tasks or notes.

Not for me. I have to stop to identify the symbols and try to decode them into what they really mean but I can scan a page of text looking for a string easily.


Like @OogieM I have very little use for emojis. My use of the occasional :grinning: or :wink: on this forum is about the limit of my use of them here.

And sometimes I may also use a :+1: or :-1: in iMessage but keep in mind that I’m :older_man:t2:

Possibly not an issue if you’re all in on Apple land, but then you’ve got the differences between how each platform display that specific emoji! An example would be dizzy - the only version to convey dizziness to me is the Microsoft and Facebook versions really - the others look like shooting stars or something!

We were recently advised to use them more in communication at the University as it can help to prevent miscommunication through email and text (in chat, not in any documents) where people might misconstrue how you’ve messaged them. I haven’t yet.

Using them as tags within items might be helpful, but I haven’t really used them for that. If they were in notes or similar, they’re more for decoration I guess at the minute.

I’ve found they can be useful as a shorthand label in browser tab names and other places where space is at a premium. If they accompany text instead of replacing it, it can make it easier to skim and find what I’m looking for. But as I think about it, I don’t use them anywhere permanent — just more or less temporary flags, in a sense.

I use :question::white_check_mark::x: and a few others at the front of calendar entries for events I have registered, received confirmation I can attend, etc. I keep details of the registration process in the event notes but this helps figure out which ones might require follow up without checking all notes. Sure, the follow up actions can be entries in Omnifocus but the calendar entries, even if tentative events, let me know at a glance if a day is free for something else.

Other than that, it’s the occasional thumbs up :+1: :-1: :smiley: but much more than those gate difficult to interpret or make sure others understand the intent that was meant to be conveyed.