Emulate Safari's Reader View in Shortcuts?

I save a lot of web pages for future reference by emailing the Safari Reader View of the article.
This is really neat as it includes the original URL and a usually complete and clean view of the article.

My manual workflow is:

  • Load the page in Safari (usually from my RSS reader or read-later app)
  • Switch to Reader View
  • Share -> Email this page
  • Email it to my Evernote address
  • Close tab, switch back to source app

I tried to automate this with Shortcut but can’t get both the URL and the article’s pictures.
“Get Diffbot Article” includes the article and pictures, but it I combine with a variable that contains the URL, the pictures are removed (Combine Text indeed does what it says on the tin).

Anybody looked into this/found another way to get the outcome?

You could save to PDF, then save the PDF to Evernote.

I don’t use Evernote but I use my Pocket premium subscription. You can share anything in Pocket’s reader-like format via the share sheet. And on the Mac I regularly use the Mac Pocket app to open synced/saved items then print to PDF and save on my HD in reader-like form.

Pocket is expensive at $45/yr (I’m grandfathered-in at a lower cost), but it’s great because, it saves audio and video too, and unlike Instapaper it will actually archive your articles (Instapaper saves the links and reformats them when you access the link) so that you can retain articles and media that later get pulled or put behind paywalls.

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Thanks, bowline. That would indeed require a premium subscription, which wouldn’t really be justified as I’d only use it to generate the pdf (I prefer concentrating - and worry about - my archives on a single platform).

Print to PDF is one option that works for me, completely aside from using Pocket