Enable smoke alarm notifications on HomePod?

Available as of today!

Anyone found out how to enable this?

For the new Sound Recognition to work, not only must a user have a smoke alarm, but all of their Apple devices must be updated to the latest software.

Would this include upgrading the HomeKit architecture or only the OS?

(I’m on the latest OS versions, but I’m still using the old HomeKit architecture)

Seems to be a rolling release, but yes it requires the new architecture.

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There was a prompt for me earlier when I opened the Home app.

I saw it in the Home app. Not sure I see the point of it, honestly. I guess for the hearing impaired.

Personally, there is no way I will miss a smoke alarm going off when I’m in the house, and if I’m not… well, I wouldn’t trust Apple’s software enough to be calling the fire brigade to a house I’m not at.