Encrypt my Drobo 5D?

Hi all -

There’ve been some break-ins in my neighbourhood and it got me thinking about how to secure my data. Though I wonder how likely it is for a thief to run off with my Drobo, it is nevertheless where all of my data is centralized. I back up it all up with Backblaze, so it’s less about losing the data and more about protecting it.

Q1. How do we feel about Drobo’s encryption?

Q2. Are there any alternatives?

PS; I’m not currently using it as a Time Machine Backup, just files in folders

Many thanks for your advice.

My first thought would be to create a large encrypted sparsebundle on your Drobo.

I set up encrypted sparsebundles on network shares for use by our H.R. and Payroll departments and we had been using them successfully for about 3 years at the time I retired.

I would suggested you continue to backup your unencrypted data IN the sparsebundle to backblaze rather than the sparsebundle itself.

Many thanks, Wayne! Gone jump into some tutorials to figure this out. Appreciate the help.