Encrypting a Folder on the iPhone/iPad

Is there a way to password encrypt a folder/images in an iPhone or iPad? I’m trying to password protect specific images on my phone.

Maybe put them into a password-protected Apple Note? 1Password would be another option.

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Along the lines of @ChrisUpchurch’s suggestion – I have images of credit cards, passports, etc., as password-protected notes in Notes, in case of loss or theft of the card or document. Synced on all devices by design. I give non-obvious names to the notes.

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The latest version of GoodReader
allows for encrypted folders as well

GoodReader by Good.iWare, Inc.

Apple notes is what I ended up using and the password feature worked well enough. It’s just that Apple notes doesn’t seem like the ideal tool for password protecting pictures. But, I guess it will have to do until I or this community find a better alternative.