End of the road for 1Password 7. Where to next?

I quit 1Password a week or so ago for strongbox. I acknowledge IP may be a superior product but I fiercely resent being lectured to in virtual signalling blog posts from tech companies no matter what “side” it emanates from.


+1 for Strongbox.


I mean Strongbox is great and all, but having to keep iCloud keychain autofill enabled, just ruins the whole experience when it asks you if you want to save your login every time?

BTW I know this is a macOS limitation, but still.

The strange thing for me is that I’m still using 1password 7 everywhere with no issues.

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I still had 7 on one computer out of 4 up until last month. 8 was on the others. Then I realized I don’t mind 8, it has some stuff that I don’t love, but I am used to it now. So I updated that last computer to 8.

It is nice that they don’t nag you to upgrade to 8 like some other apps would do. I would often forget that one computer was still on the old version.

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Could you provide some examples? Not skeptical, just curious.

Just wondered if anyone is using OTP Auth app on iOS.