Engraving AirTags

Has anyone gotten creative with the engraving on their AirTags?

I have mine being engraved but it is not creative. I labeled them with my initials and then 1, 2, 3, 4. I did this so I can identify a tag with a particular item and can change those as needed.


I just had 4 different emojis. Nothing special.
Didn’t get in quick enough and won’t be here for release day, sadly.

No engraving, but I only bought one. It’s not something I generally go for, although I do think the implementation here is quite nice.

OT, but, just to ask it, what did you all buy your AirTags for? Just because? Or do you lose things a lot? The only thing I lose is my phone, and it’s usually in another room and I just call it.

To replace my tiles :slight_smile:
I have a habit of just throwing my keys down and forgetting where, also gonna stick one on my AirPods pro case.
One on my ruck sack and my carry on. When there’s not a pandemic on I do a lot of international travelling for work.

Initially thought you meant as in saying “Hey Siri,” but then I remembered it’s a phone, and you can make a phone call to it. :slight_smile:

I thought about getting one as a keychain, and figured I would get the martini glass emoji on it, just because, but it sounds like they get scratched up so easily I think I will just get one to toss into my back pack and will just have my initials on it.

I went one from “I don’t need or want them” to I will get a couple when they are back in stock. I waste too much money…

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For my keys. I dont really lose them but I usually take my wife’s keychain.

I bought mine because I typically do a lot of domestic and international travel, which I expect to resume sometime next year. Therefore, I want to be able to track my computer bag, suitcases, my wallet, and my keys. I almost never lose anything but I do recall on a trip to South Korea and Taiwan that I inadvertently left my new iPad 12.9 pro in the restaurant as I was rushing to the international gate. Fortunately I remembered it soon enough to get back and retrieve it. I don’t want that to happen again! :slight_smile:


Bought just for fun! I’ll admit it. I’ll take it on trips, though.

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I bought some for my backpack and checked luggage and one for my keys. Didn’t seen the need to engrave them because they will never be seen except when I change the batteries.

Besides I have no imagination :grinning:


I work at two different locations and commute about an hour one way from my home, so I’m planning to keep one in my work bag and one on my keys. It’s as much about not losing something as it is about keeping track of what office I may have left my bag in (we all have those days, right?!).

When we travel again, I’ll certainly use one or two for luggage as well.

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with the travelling; would it not go off in the baggage area if someone there has an iPhone and the tag sees it’s moving and not with you? Or are they hand luggage only?

I thought about being creative, but couldn’t think of anything all that clever. Thus, I just did my initials and a number 1-4. It was nice that instead of just a plain number you could select an emoji of a number in a circle, either a dark circle or a light circle. After going back and forth, I chose the light one, and I look forward to seeing tomorrow how it looks in real life.


Mine should be here within the next hour… quite exciting :slight_smile: