Envelope Shortcut for MS Word on the Mac

I am trying to get rid of my last remaining PC, the one in my law office. As a part of that, I am setting up the workflows on my home Mac Mini in order to have them ready when I make the switch.

I use Office 365 for my overall cloud-based solution. One of the workflows is the printing of an envelope. On the PC, I can use legacy key combinations that will bring up a dialog box that has pulled the address from the letter for printing. I click Print, and it’s done.

On the Mac version, clicking Print creates a separate document called Envelope1, from which I can then print, but I then have to delete the document - an extra step.

Does anyone know of a shortcut that would allow me to select the address in the letter and then print to an envelope without creating a separate Word document for the envelope? Thanks!

How about printing from Contacts?

Interesting! I did not know you could do that, and it is an option. However, I am looking to reduce steps in the workflow, and this involves another app and separate steps. Printing it directly from the letter would be better if I could eliminate the intermediate step I described. However, if I can’t, I will definitely look into this! Thanks!!