Episode Idea: The New Toggl Refresh

I know that Toggl has been a favorite of Sparky’s and many others for time tracking, but as we know while it’s time track syncing has been great, it’s UI has been pretty junk. Timery has filled that gap recently.

But now Toggl has just shipped a total refresh. In fact, now Toggl is 3 products: Toggl Track, Toggl Plan, and Toggl Hire. I haven’t explored Plan or Hire because I don’t think I need them but Toggl is now Toggl Track and there are some pretty killer features on it:

  • Timeline view: See your past time entries laid out on an hourly timeline and even create entries by clicking on the timeline (just like google calendar).
  • Automatic activity recording: Unlike other automatic time trackers that I’ve seen, Toggl Track does not simply make time entries based off of the currently active app (which can be very inaccurate to figure out what you were working on at the time.) Instead Toggl watches and records which apps you were using but then stores the activity on a second timeline next to your Time Entries timeline. I love this because it helps you to remember what you were working on and when but it doesn’t fill your entries with bad data.
  • Activity recording uses screenshot monitoring: Most time tracking apps that I’ve seen simply look at whatever is the currently active app and then base off of that. But Toggl optionally asks for your permission to use screen recording. This way it sees all the apps that are currently open which is much more helpful.
  • Simultaneous time entries: this might have already been there. Not sure. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the timeline even allows for multiple entries to side by side at the same time.
  • Optional auto reminders to keep tracking
  • Idle Detection:
  • All-around much better UI.

Long story short, I would love your guys thoughts on the update.



I’ll definitely need to look into this. It seems to address a lot of the issues I’ve had with other time trackers.

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Thank you for the prompt … here’s the link:

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