Epson scanner software is trash

I have a Scansnap S1500 and a Epson ES-500, the Espson software is complete trash on the mac. freezes, doesn’t auto crop and all sorts of things. Is there third party software that works with this thing? or is Fujitsu just that great.

Hi. You can try VuScan and it does say they support many scanners. As long as you are doing simple scanning and don’t expect many bells and whistles it should work. I had a Epson flatbed scanner I used to scan 35mm slides because the scanner had a light source in the lid to read the 35mm slide. Well after a few Mac OS upgrade Epson just didn’t update their driver software for the scanner. I tried the VuScan software and it wouldn’t activate the lid light.

Hamrick’s $40 Vuescan has been around forever and gets regularly, continuously updated. For many years its main competition has been Lasersoft’s $50 Silverfast, which was almost as powerful but easier to use, but updates have slowed on Slilverfast, and the Epson-specific version hasn’t been updated in 14 months.

Some good user reviews for VueScan over at MacUpdate:

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Had a similar experience with an Epson scanner and no joy with VuScan.

ebay might be the only cure. thanks for the advice.

i used the scan snap once and i was blown away i said this is what David and Katie have been raving about all this time? it cropped it correctly did duplex, everything was perfect and automatic. the Epson was no contest it cut off one side, didn’t do anything automatically. i just want to stick paper into the feeder hit a button and forget about it. i don’t have time to pull 3 levers to make it perfect, the paper will just sit here and eat me alive.

I have a ScanSnap iX500 and an Epson V600. And I have to agree, the software is trash. It works (kind of), but I really prefer VueScan.

Start with the image capture application that comes with your mac.