Epson Workforce ES-500W - any experience?

With the obsolescence of my old Fujitsu ScanSnap S500M, I am probably going to bite the bullet and buy another scanner for home use. My home ix500 will go to the office and the office S500M will be retired after probably 10 years of use.

Although I’m a bit irritated by this, the S500M has seen better days, the autofeeding has gotten unreliable, and I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

That being said, the recent issue posted elsewhere here with Fujitsu not providing an easy or transparent path to addressing the vulnerability in its wireless protocol, coupled with the rather restrictive licensing on the new ScanSnap Home software means I should at least explore the other options before making a purchase.

I saw the Epson Workforce ES-500W on sale for $299. It’s not that much less than the Fujitsu ix1500 (after rebate) so cost is not a driving factor.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this scanner.