Ergonomic bluetooth mouse?

I really like the logitech M705 mouse, it works well and ergonomics are good (not great but certainly good enough for most times). However, I have a MacBook pro which has USB-C and therefore LogiTech’s universal receiver which is old style USB will not connect. The few USB-C adapters/converters/bridges I have tried do not work too well with the mouse (jittery response). So I would like to try out a bluetooth mouse though not the Apple magic mouse which has horrible ergonomics.

Recommendations anyone?

Try the current Logitech MX2 mouse. It has both Bluetooth and also their unifying usb receiver. Also consider the Logitech MX Ergo which is a trackball. I have both due to some RSI issues if I use the same thing for a while. The mouse feels great in the hand. The trackball, which I didn’t think I would like, feels even better to me. Trackball is an “acquired taste” for sure, but if the store has a good return policy it’s worth a try.

They both have Bluetooth, but I find the usb receiver is a bit more reliable. I felt Bluetooth would have about one issue per week. I ended up just giving the receiver a coveted port in my set up.

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Upon your recommendation; bought it and love it. Works great and i can connect to my imac and macbook and switch easiy! Thanks.


Thank you for the recommendation.

I recently bought an Apple Bluetooth mouse and am about to throw it away. I have nothing but it connected via Bluetooth to my MacBook but the mouse regularly loses the connection. The touch gestures on the back of the mouse are highly sensitive and difficult to control – so if I turn them off there’s no point to have spent the money to buy the thing. I’ll try the Logitech MX Ergo next.

I’m using the MX Ergo right now. It’s great. I use it for everything from work to gaming. The Logitech control center handles all the configuration I need, but you could also get super fancy with BTT or some such.

The Logitech MX Ergo arrived. It was a snap to get up and running. Took 30 seconds to get used to the track ball. The control center is great. @Agent_Lozada thanks for the recommendation – I used this track ball for a couple days and it relieves a lot of the hand stress that was causing wrist pain. Well worth the investment.