Ergonomic Mouse

I find that Apple’s Magic Mouse is not the best ergonomically for my hand – not to mention it occasionally has a mind of its own.

I have a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 and while it feels great in the hand, their drivers do not seem to be compatible with Mojave. I own Better Touch Tool and was hoping to use it to assign the button clicks and scrolling but am having difficulty there as well. I got the button clicks working but not the scrolling using the scroll wheel.

I also have a LogitechM720 Triathlon and it also feels quite good in the hand but its performance is rather jerky and not at all smooth.

Any recommendations or suggestions?

I hate all the Apple mice Iv’e tried for years. I usually look for the smallest mouse I can find and I also hate trackpads so I get one for my laptop too.

Right now I’m using a Dynex Laptop Mouse model DX-NPWLMSE on my main iMac system and a Logitech M185 on my laptop. The Logitech is actually a bit bigger but I can still work it.

My best options have been to look for children’s mice. They fit my small hands and are often more ergonomic than the adult ones. Of course I have on occasion had to deal with cartoon character branding but that’s ok. I did draw the line on the Barbie mouse though. We managed to snag a bunch of Barbie Computers once, hubby turned them into all sorts of single use systems. Decent for the times and really cheap. The mice, however were just too darned pink! At least we could hide the computers. :wink:


Somewhat related question – hope OP doesn’t mind my asking: Are there ergonomic mice, uhm, meese(?) designed for lefty’s?

I’ve never thought to look specifically, as a trackpad user – but the ergonomic mouse that came with my MS Scuplt keyboard is most decidedly shaped with a right-hand in mind…

So your query suddenly had me wondering if these companies do produce mirrored versions for us “odd-ones”? :slight_smile:

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Yes, nearly every company that makes any handed devices also produce the opposite ones.


I have the Logitech MX Master 2S and the Anywhere 2S and like both of them. I use the Anywhere at home and on the road, and the Master at work. I also have a trackpad at home and one at work too and switch between the mouse and trackpad regularly.

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I haven’t liked an Apple Mouse since the 90s. I wore out two Logitech MX Masters over seven years, then switched to the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 when it came out, and will never willingly go back to a mouse now.

The included Logitech Control software was garbage the years I used it so in order to fully take advantage of the MX’s buttons to program them I used a 3rd party mouse driver. For a couple of years I used USB Overdrive, but had some issues I no longer remember, and switched to Steermouse. (Both cost $20, and Steermouse was recently updated, it I see USB_O hasn’t been since last year.)


I’m glad you posted that, because I could only remember the name USB Overdrive.

Steermouse version 5’s release history shows that it has been steadily improved since 2016.


I used to love my Logitech M570 trackball when I had a windows laptop although trackballs are a bit of an acquired taste. Never got round to trying it with the MBP, turns out trackballs don’t survive numerous falls from the sofa onto a hard floor. :frowning_face:

Logitech has updated it with the Logitech MX Ergo Trackball which does look very interesting though for the time being I’m very happy with the trackpad on the MBP. If I ever get my desk area set up then I’ll be reviewing the options again at that point.


I also have the Logitech MX Master 2S. I recommend using it with the receiver that comes with it. It’s a bit jerky over bluetooth. The receiver that came with mine are better than the extra one I bought (from Logitech). Strange.
Anyhoo, I also have an Anker vertical mouse and it works well too.
Finally, I’m using a Magic Mouse that came with my iMac Pro at home, as well as a Magic Trackpad on the left to give my right hand some rest.

Focal hand dystonia

I think the key is to switch things up. There’s a phenomenon called Focal Hand Dystonia that results from overuse of fingers. The neural representation in the brain for the fingers expands with use leading to greater skill. The downside is this expansion can lead to overlap in the finger representation, resulting in loss of control, cramping, etc.
So, rotate your keyboards and mice :mouse: :mouse2: :mouse: :mouse2:


I find the Logitech gaming nice comfortable and am currently using a wireless G903 I got at a nice discount. I’ve heard it may develop hardware problems after a couple years of ownership. There’s no USB-C receiver, so I have to use an adapter for my MBP. Other than that, I’m really happy with the contour, weight, battery life and responsiveness when on standby. :slight_smile:


I switched to a Logitech G502 Proteus and like it enough to buy a second one for my work computer. I use it in conjunction with my Magic Trackpad.

My hand cramps within a couple of minutes any more when I try using the Magic Mouse. Unfortunately, I have three on them…

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I bought an R-GO HE Mouse earlier this year, and it was definitely money well spend! My hand and wrist no longer hurt after long periods using my Mac, and the larger mouse actually fits my hand. I wish I’d done this a long time ago! The only wrinkle is that you’ll need an app like BetterTouchTool or ControllerMate if you want to make use of the extra two buttons.

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Have you considered a trackball?
I used a Logitech Trackman® Marble® for years. My thumb has never been talented enough for a traditional trackball, but this one using index and middle fingers was easy to use. It leaves the massive pollex (thumb) to click the left button. Other benefits: you don’t need desk space to slide it around, it works on glass desktops, etc.


Thanks for the suggestions. Both the Microsoft and Logitech mice feel good in the hand. I can’t use the Logitech mouse as it continually “skips”. It doesn’t matter whether I use their wireless USB dongle or the built-in Bluetooth–it skips. My research indicated that it seems to be a known issue with some but not all users of Logitech mice.

The fact that Microsoft no longer ships a compatible driver for Mojave shouldn’t matter if I have Better Touch Tool. I am having difficulty getting the scroll wheel to function properly. I have the forward and back buttons working. I have it working scrolling one way, but not the other. I’m sure that it is just “pilot error” on my part.

So…I guess my issues are really with Better Touch Tool getting the mouse functionality correctly. I am new to BTT so any help getting the Microsoft Mouse working would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi John! Yes, I have tried trackballs albeit quite a few years ago. Some people love them but I just couldn’t get comfortable with it. I do a lot of work in the Adobe Creative Suite and it just didn’t work well for me.

Aside from the Apple Magic Mouse, I already own mice by Microsoft and Logitech. Both are of good quality and feel good in the hand. I cannot get the Logitech one to stop “skipping” and with the Microsoft one, I just need to get the buttons and scroll wheel all assigned and working correctly using BTT.

Hi Rosemary, I have a cheap Logitech M310 in my laptop bag which works great with my MacBook Pro. The Logitech Triathlon (which isn’t a cheap mouse) “skips” and just does not play well with my iMac.

As I just mentioned in my other reply, I may just need help with BTT getting the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 working as it should.

Try using a 3rd-parrty mouse driver, like Steermouse, which I linked to earlier in this thread. You can try the driver free for 30 days. I used to always have some issue or other with the included Logitech drivers, but all problems went away when I switched to Steermouse.

Hi Bowline! Thanks! Will do. (I’ve been super busy and just made it back to this thread this morning)


I installed Steermouse and assigned it to my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 transceiver and it seems to be functioning perfectly now.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll run with it for a bit longer to be sure everything is good.


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I’ve used both, but now stick with Steermouse.