Error message with Google Drive in the Apple files app on the iPad

I am consistently getting the content unavailable error when I try to access Google Drive files from the Apple files app. I have activated and deactivated Google drive through the Files app. I have deleted and reinstalled the Files app. I have done the same with the Google Drive application. Nothing seems to correct the error.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and do you know of a workaround? For now, I have placed the Google Drive app in my dock rather than accessing the Google files through the Files app. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

When I’ve had similar issues I tried a bunch of things but I don’t remember what worked. I do remember going into Privacy > Advertising and ‘Reset Advertising Identifier’ but I do not recall if that actually did anything. (But doing that can’t hurt).

When I had that issue on my Mac, deleting the cookies for all Google-related things did fix it, but of course, this is not a browser with (or whose) cookies you can access.

I did a quick search and found this Apple Discussions thread which noted:

*> I ended up getting it to work by removing all my google accounts from the Google Drive (and all other google apps) and then added the one that I wanted to use on the Files app. I then added other accounts and it seems to be working.
***> ***
> Update
***> ***
> Well, that didn’t last long. After a bit with multiple accounts, the error came back. I went back to one Google account and it now seems to be work. So it seems files isn’t coping well with multiple Google accounts associated to the same Drive app.