Error while installing Mojave

Anyone else had this pop up while installing Mojave?
It says: “An error occurred while processing the installation. Try running the application again.”

Not sure if it’s because my mac is running the latest public beta of High Sierra? The error occurs when the installer is trying to restart the computer. Tries restarting the computer and redownloading Mojave so far. Didn’t help. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

I’m just a curious user wanting to try out dark mode asap… So hopefully the solution doesn’t involve something drastic like reformatting the entire HD, in which case I guess I’ll have to horses till September arrives! :joy:

Thanks in advance!

I guess that not having the latest non beta of High Sierra could be a problem.

I’m on the latest beta version of high Sierra though.

Oh wells. I guess I’ll try again next time. Just hope that this problem is resolved in the actual public release!