Espanso a nice, though geeky, alternative to TextExpander

I’ve been playing around with Espanso a bit, and really have grown to like it.
Especially the easy way to reverse expansion (backspace)

Alison has written a nice review of it here:

just thought I’d post it here as well as a tip for those who want to look into text expansion without TE.


Thanks, this is great :slight_smile:
Never had TE as I didn’t think it was worth the subscription and was using a mix of KM on macOS and aText on a work windows laptop (which due to the way it’s locked down couldn’t purchase from windows store which made life difficult).
With this I can have a common platform across both and really easy to set up synching of the config files

excellent recommendation! Thanks so much. Especially useful for me as an ex-IT guy who has Linux & Windows & Mac in his life, so cross platform is perfect. I’m also one who comes out in a rash when a subscription is suggested being a pensioner on limited income… but that’s irrelevant

does TE really have iOS / iPadOS support??


The important apps have full TE support i.e. Fill-In snippets which is what sets TE apart from all of these “alternatives” that keep getting pushed. The SDK for TE has been updated and it’s only Smile’s lack of promotion or indie developer laziness for it’s limited support.

Omnifocus, Fantastical, Drafts, Textastic, GV Connect, Byword all have full TE support on iOS and support Fill-In Snippets. I have been told that when Devonthink overhauls their editor, it too will receive better TE support. right now its broken.

Im grandfathered in on the cheap sub and enjoy using it in on my Mac and Windows

The ‘important’ apps?
I use none of those. Guess my apps aren’t important.

post your list. let’s see what ya got. :grinning:

It’s the OS that’s bothering me here. I don’t like being dependent on individual developers implementing support for other apps/frameworks. You never know how that’s going to work out in the long term

It’s more my irritation with the way they implemented 3rd party keyboard support though.
I wish they’d just allow full TE functionality.

That was not the point of my post, It was just to point out that I’d mentioned espanso here before.

I don’t use TE nor espanso. So can’t answer your question.

agreed. my iPad keyboard is useless unless I am in Drafts or one of the other apps I mentioned. It just makes me do more on my mac and think less of the iPad except for being a nice magazine or comic book reader.

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I know the artist :heart: :slight_smile:

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Another nice feature of Espanso is that it tells you which application has the secure input activated, unlike KM which just states secure input activated.