Ethernet on iOS?

I have 1GB ethernet in my office. I have it running to my M1 MBA through a CalDigit TS3 Lite and the speed is as advertised.

I started wondering if there was a way to tap into this with my 2018 iPad Pro (iPadOS 15). The existing wifi is running at about 400 mbps down and 200 mbps up, so it’s pretty good. I just thought if I could get a significant increase by using the ethernet it might be useful for various streaming applications.

It looks like you can use ethernet on an iPad with an adapter. Problem is, I have 1 ethernet cable and 2 devices that would require it. Is there an adapter with an ethernet input and 2 Thunderbolt output cables (or ports where I could use my cables)? Would this work? Any other thoughts?



My recommendation; go for WiFi 6; you will have the 1Gb shared across all devices and not only iPad (i.e. phones or other WiFi devices).
Also this setup will give you the freedom of portable iPad without requiring you to work on desk.

Are you talking about an ethernet switch? On the Netgear Switch, the yellow ethernet cable on the left is coming from the wall jack. The white cable is connected to my Mac mini. The yellow cable on the right is connected to the iPad through a Satechi hub. In general, both devices get about 940 down and up (although I was getting a little less up on the iPad at the time the pict was taken).


I think that might do it. I’ve got a hub that looks like the Satechi, although another brand. I was using it before I got the CalDight TS3. I’d just need a Switch. Since I only use it at the office, I’ll see if I can get IT to pay for it.

Thanks for the tip.


Make sure the switch supports 1 Gbps.

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Isn’t 400 Mbps more than enough for HD/4K streaming?

@mina I only use it in my office and usually at one desk (and the others have an ethernet cable accessible), so that’s not a factor. I wouldn’t think it be too practical for me to try to implement this with 50-75 other wifi capable devices (desktops, laptops, phones and tablets) in the office. I think @neonate’s solution would work out best for my situation.

I think 400 mbps is fine. This just started out as an exercise in one of those “wonder what would happen if I could do this” speculations. I probably won’t even do it if I can’t get the company to pay for the switch (or I can’t find an inexpensive one). Just curious to see what would happen. That’s half the fun of playing with technology. :man_technologist:

I have an RJ45-to-USB_C dongle that I use to connect directly to my fiber modem. I get gigabit service at the iPad. It’s more of a “because I can” scenario, but it’s useful when downloading big iPadOS updates.

Are you referring to WiFi 6E?

I use my iPad Pro on ethernet all the time. Works great. I use mine that way to take devices off the wifi as much as possible and because I had a free network port on my desk switch.

You would need a gigabit switch to multiply the ports, or bring an extra extension to your desk from the router. Your wifi speeds should be more than enough for 90%+ of iPad use though. Only initial backup and or large file transfers would benefit from the cable.

I can confirm that this works fine. I have a gigabit switch I use a Mac and iPad plugged in at the same time. I also have wifi 6, but for sharing on videoconferences Ethernet results in much better quality video.

I can get a name brand 5 port Gigabit switch for CDN$14

IT policies against people having switches on their desks will be more of a barrier than the price. Well maybe IT policies against “unmanaged” switches.

For now, this will be off topic, but WiFi 6 or 802.11ax should be enough, WiFi 6E is just an extended version.

WiFi 6E allows for gigabit speeds. Isn’t that what you were referring to?

My normal WiFi 6 reaches almost 750 mbps. That’s very close to top the 1Gbps.
But yes 6E would be even better.

I just brought in a USB-C adapter I had at home and plugged in the ethernet cable to the iPad. Getting same speeds I got on the M1 MBA (950 down, 850 up). Now I just need to get a switch to get the ports I need to run the iPad and MBA simultaneously.

Since I have some USB ports on the adapter, thought I’d try to run a Logitech webcam. No go, and it looks like there is no app to support it. Was hoping iPadOS 15 might provide it, but it doesn’t look like it. I don’t want to hijack my own thread to talk about webcams, so maybe better to start a new thread.


I live in Thailand and I just found a D-Link 5-port at a local seller for about 15 USD.

IT won’t be a problem. In fact, I showed the IT guy when I ran the ethernet to an iPad Pro and he was very interested. First thing he asked was if he could run a webcam for his remote needs (which I mentioned in another reply on this thread). As long as it doesn’t screw up the network, I’m usually OK if I want to try stuff.

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