Eufy doorbell questions

Has anybody install the Eufy doorbell? My Ring (which is now 2+ years old) is acting a bit wonky and before I replace it with a new Ring I thought it might make sense to look at others – and Eufy seems to mostly get high marks. But I have some questions and although the eufy support people seem to respond quickly, I can’t really extract information from their responses.

I sent them an email noting that I currently have a hardwared Ring doorbell with a real chime connected and asked whether I can do that with the Eufy. There was an indication on the website that I couldn’t but I wasn’t sure. The response was:

“Thank you for contacting Eufy customer support!
No worries, you can add that two doorbells in your house at the same time, please make sure 16-24VAC, 30VA transformer for our Eufy wired doorbell.”

I am not sure what “two doorbells” they were referring to. So I sent a followup:

" 1. I am not sure that I fully understand your answer. The website says that the doorbell will not work with an existing wired chime (which is how I am currently using my Ring doorbell). Can you clarify whether it will work or not?
2. Second question - my reading says that the doorbell only supports ONE user. I don’t know what that means. Does it mean that I can’t have the app on both my phone and my wife’s phone?"

And got the response:

"Yes, the video doorbell will not work with an existing wired chime. But you can use them separately at the same time.

Regarding the doorbell only supports ONE user, it means that it can only be added on one phone. But you can share the device with your wife’s account.

With respect to the first part, I still don’t know what “use them” means and what “use them separately” means. So I am more confused now than I was before.

With respect to the second part – I have no idea what that is saying :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long email, but I trying figure this out. Thanks in advance.

Just installed it yesterday with existing Mechanical Chime, works very well. I got myself the Wireless Doorbell which comes with HomeBase2 (I actually bought the wireless because of the HomeBase2).

You can have multiple accounts, different phones connected to the HomeBase2.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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I have a Eufy doorbell, and like it. But beware that there is a wired version, and a wireless version. Last I looked, only the wireless version supports HomeKit. I have the wired version, as supposedly it has a faster response time, but I do wish it supported HomeKit.

I was planning on getting the wired version (my current Ring is wired) – I don;t really want to add another task to me todo list (recharging doorbell). Thanks for the warning about Homekit…I didn’t realize that any of them supported Homekit (I read in several places that it was promised but not delivered).

What is the homebase2?

This is the one I got:

thanks for that. its helpful.

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The FAQs confused me. With the wired version having onboard memory, does it connect with the app via wifi? Do you have to move off the video stored or does it write over existing data when it gets full?

Wired means it doesn’t work over battery. Hence no charging required.

The bell connects to the HomeBase wirelessly in all cases. And the HomeBase connects either wirelessly or over Ethernet.

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Actually neither supports HomeKit. eufy promised HomeKit and decided not to do it.

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To reiterate what Mina said, you can still use the app via Wifi to interact with the doorbell. I’m not sure how much storage it holds, but I’ve never had to move anything off of it, so I presume it writes over existing data when full.

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