Evaporative Cooler smart switch

we have a swamp cooler that is controlled by a 6-pole manual switch. A quick search didn’t turn up any smart switch options. Anyone seen something like this? HomeKit would be preferable but anything would be nice.


If you can find a 6 pole switch controlled by 120v, you could use a Wemo outlet switch (HomeKit compatible) to power the coil on or off.
On the other hand, if it’s a 6 position switch, things would be more complex. Perhaps a different Wemo for each position you need to control as if using a multi position switch.

Not my area of expertise, caveat emptor.

Does that 6 pole switch operate a low and a high speed? If so, you might be able to do this with two switches.

I installed a whole house fan (quiet cool - 5400) with 2 smart switches. A low switch and a high switch. I can tell Siri to turn on “Attic low” or “Attic high” and the correct speed turns on.

Then with “webcore” via a SmartThings hub I can set all sorts of “if-then” rules. EG: If the correct conditions are met, the fan will turn on low for 10 minutes every hour.

The six positions are

High Vent
Low Vent
High Cool
Low Cool
Pump Only