Eve vs Aqara Temperature Sensors

Does anyone have experience with either of these two brands for temperature sensors? I have an Ecobee and sensors for the house for Heat/AC.

I plan on putting (either Eve or Aqara) in both my garages. I plan on doing some work in there with lasers, engraving, etc. I figured a sensor in each would be good, if it proves useful, perhaps I can get some for the house and tie into an automation or something.


I only have products from Eve. They don’t have a single temperature-sensor, only one for “Air quality” - so higher costs.

Eve room - i paid 70€, but there will be a new version with thread-support?

Link: eve Room + no hub needed

What i heard in the last MPU-podcast #573 from Rose, Aqara is “cheap” and works good for her. And you will need the newer hub, with HomeKit-support.

Aqara Temerature - 19€ + 70€ for the hub. Will be “cheaper” with more than one sensor.

Link: Aqara HomeKit Hub M1
Link: Aqara HomeKit Hub M2

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I have Aqara and Netatmo. I’d recommend Aqara, because it uses its own network (zigbee) instead of WiFi and Bluetooth. Plus you can use the hub for lots of other sensors - like a door sensor, or a vibration sensor (on your office chair :laughing:).

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