Event Registration Issues

Hello everyone, I wanted to pick anyone’s brain on this topic. Hoping there is a better or more efficient way.

Is there a better solution than PayPal or Stripe for event registration (and just as secure?

I’m experiencing a growing trend among some people where they register for conference. The registration happens on Wordpress with Gravity Forms Integration to PayPal. The attendee registers and attends the event and then contacts PayPal that the transaction was not authorized. PayPal refunds and we get dinged a fee. PayPal never accepts any documentation (registration entry, signature, IP address) that I send, because it’s not a tangible item that was sold.

Is there a better method at trying to do this that I have not encountered yet?

Hmm what about using Eventbrite? Not sure about their payment system but could be really useful.

I thought about it, but I create custom forms that ask for data. Depending on the conference style, (if a youth conference for example) the team leader will register the whole team. Each team member’s information is also needed.

Hmm @michaelpporter what did you use for Macstock? Any ideas to help Fr Michael?

Eventbrite does allow custom fields, have a play with it and see if it can do what you need :slight_smile:

You can definitely do that with eventbrite. You can also specify questions by ticket type - eg a different set for adult vs u18s

I think you meant to at @FrMichaelFanous

Ah thought Michael potter was on here. @ismh how does event registration work for Podcon and such?

I have no idea about Podcon (RIP) but we use Ti.to for Relay FM live shows.

Potter might be, I am Porter…I was also at MacStock but do not run events.

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Yep my fault thanks!