Evernote acquired by Bending Spoons

This was… unexpected


Never heard of Bending Spoons. Looked at their website, it is very fancy, but I have never heard of any of their apps either.

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This is the first time I’ve heard of Bending Spoons as well. Why is their logo basically the Creative Cloud logo? Did a double take and thought it was Adobe’s site for a second.


Based on the App Store they were more focused on foto, video, yoga apps so far?

Evernote fits right in into this mix I guess :blush:.


Probably wanted to enter the productivity market. Looks like their apps are tailored to a younger market segment that didn’t grew up with desktop class systems.

To the point of being unusable. I tried to see what their products were. I gave up after scrolling through a bunch of marketing fluff on the first (only?) product.


Their manifesto and core apps have nothing to do with privacy nor do they show any experience with handling tons of very sensitive data. I do not trust the new owners the way I trusted Ian Small or Phil Libin, and I’m migrating out. Not sure where to go though. Might be different tools. So sad.


Checks calendar. No, it is not April 1st. Hmmm …

Edit to add next expected headline: FORD MOTOR COMPANY ACQUIRED BY RAZOR SCOOTERS :joy:


Same experience. Might experience unexpected workload due to the announcement.

I migrated from Evernote to UpNote about six months ago, and for me it’s working well as a replacement. I had been using Evernote since 2009.


BendingSpoon is a miracle for me.
It names itself “a leading European technology company”, but while I thought to not live to deep behind the Alps, I have never heard about them.
I could not recognize to ever run across one of their Apps.
And while they are stating, that they have 500Mio. App Downloads, they also state, that they have (only!) 90Mio. monthly users.
That means to me, more than 80% of the people downloaded the App at some time, is not using it.
I would call this devastating…

I am glad now (again), that I already left Evernote a couple of month before, and not paid for another year, with a new Owner.

@grs I looked it up but the price is ridiculously low (1$ a month - cannot cover storage and pay salaries).

Any app I have never heard of with 332k positive review sets off my Spidey senses.


Not heard of them either. Giving them the benefit of the doubt (which I can easily do because I don’t use Evernote) they seem to have a lot tied up in backend technologies, which presumably they sell to others as well as in their own products.

They also claim to offer their technology teams autonomy, so it might be that it will change little except give the Evernote team access to off-the-shelf AI, data processing, video enhancement, data privacy and automation which can be added to the Evernote offering, enabling it to better compete with the competition.

Or not.

And Bending Sppons doesn’t advertise on Mac Power Users podcasts! Something sneaky about that. What are they hiding? :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone wrote an interesting critique of Bending Spoons’ fundraise a few weeks ago. If this is their model, I can see how they think they can glow up Evernote and increase conversion rate to paid plans. I don’t know if that means they can actually do it with their existing marketing model, though, unless they can offer a feature that feels good to use immediately (as opposed to months later when you’re able to find something you thought you’d lost.)


In Italy they became widely famous for being behing the contact tracing app during the worst period of COVID


I’ve been using Evernote a lot recently and rediscovering the way it fits into my workflow like no other app can. Email to notes, tags, web clippers etc. But I’ve been nervous as of late. Now this announcement crops up…



So if Bending Spoons round of $349 million isn’t even “real,” what does that say about the valuation of Evernote, if Evernote can be acquired by them?

Why would Evernote do this? Are they in trouble?