Evernote back to Finder? IFTT?

I have around a decade’s worth of files in Evernote - articles, PDFs, old work documents and the like, mixed in with notes. I’d like to get these back into the Finder, in a useful folder structure, and then migrate the notes to something like OneNote.

Is there an easy way of doing this? I was thinking of using IFTT to get everything into DropBox, by tagging notes in batches and using that to sort. Has anyone done this and can offer advice?

Just found this

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Things are not looking good with Evernote with four key executives recently leaving. Here is another link on how to export notes into Apple Notes, Bear and Devon Think

[https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/09/05/evernote-might-be-in-trouble-so-heres-how-to-get-your-notes-out-of-it-completely-and-safely](Exporting Out of Evernote)

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There are a million articles on free and pay Mac/cross-platform apps if you google alternatives to evernote. A lot of the usual suspects come up.

If you want free the best choices are probably Apple Notes and OneNote, neither of which are going away any time soon, and both of which make it fairly painless to export out of if you find something you prefer. OneNote even put together a page on migrating from Evernote.

Three years ago David Pogue wrote about ‘ditching’ Evernote for Apple Notes, walking through his reasons. Buried about half-way down, he links to a free OS X app made specifically to transfer content from the Evernote app to your Notes account.

And, of course, Notes can do this natively as well now.

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Good to know. :+1: I never used Evernote so I hadn’t kept up to date on that.

Thanks all, however I’m looking specifically to export attachments, and sort them at the same time. I have over 20,000 notes, with more than ⅔ having attachments. I’m hoping to avoid having to manually sort them.

I want to get the attachments back to finder, rather than another notes app, to make them easier to manage long term.

Has anyone done this?

Do you still want to keep the 20,000 notes in Evernote or you like to export them to some other app or format ?

TBH, they’re essentially archive at this point, so it’s not really important. I can leave them in Evernote, or move elsewhere.

Somewhere that has an URL scheme I can link to Omnifocus would be a big plus as well, but frankly I’ll settle for somewhere static, I can search if required.