Evernote in Trouble?

I agree. Ultimately I think that trying to divine and focus on sales to ‘prosumers’ is too small a niche to be profitable, and right now with those recent firings (and exec room defections), cost-cutting and fire-sale prices they’re busy just keeping afloat in cash flow to pay their bills and make the VCs happy.

Hmmmmm after spending the last 2 weeks contemplating, looking at devon think… listening to Youtube opinions… tweets this forum… I am staying PUT

I know someone who is an EN certified consultant who keep saying despite the internet rumors they are cash positive & it won’t just be unplugged cold like Newton; had to remember even another semi-popular productivity app IQ TEll was gonna died and others bought it back so…

My reasons for staying is the Search capabilities and its too integral to my workflow & habits… I do admit from a innovation standpoint they are lollygagging but sometimes major downsize in staff can lead to tremendous focus… some tech companies have a tendency to be bloated. Anyway I’m committed to my investment to the app and can only hope they do some major shifting and show us loyal/long-term users they are about change in re-claiming the title of being the best note taking app

I have used the Evernote Premium evers since it became available and have gladly paid the annual subscription fee. I primarily use it to for storage and search, not for notetaking. There are other apps far better at notetaking that play well with Evernote. Evernote is not perfect. They are behind on tech innovation. It is still the best multi-platform tool I have come across. The automatic OCR and search features are awesome

My company has a subscritpion to Evernote Business, now called Spaces. In my opinion, the jury is still out on this one. To date it has not been worth the additonal cost. It is very expensive. But it does give admin privileges critical in a business environment.

The bottome line: I’ll stick with them for the forseeable future, but I’ll backup my data too.

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Hi everyone

I have heard talk about a possible shutdown of Evernote, executives leaving etc and am a little worried.

I use Evernote to store all kinds of PDFs and important documents that I may or may not need later - based on Katie’s use of Evernote - a sort of archive system. I keep active notes that I work on in Apple Notes. I have about 3000 such archival notes in Evernote.

But with these rumors I’m starting to look for alternatives. What is decent alternative of Evernote based on my usage?

Thanks :blush:

Your EN use is similar to mine, as well as using Notes as a sort of ‘in-progress’ bucket.

I now use Microsoft OneNote as my go-to system in a work environment. While I’ve not yet done it, my intent is to migrate all my personal EN notes (>1,000) to my personal OneNote account in the coming months.

I’ve been a EN user since it was introduced, and a Premium (paid subscription) user most of those. Since I already subscribe to the family plan of Office 365 (~$100US per year), OneNote is included. So my cash outlay is actually a savings as I would no longer have the Premium EN subscription.

Perhaps these recent threads would be helpful – they include discussions / opinions of alternatives.

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Check out the other threads about options.

Personally I’m all in for DEVONThink but it’s not the only good choice.

A couple of things… (1) It is true that several execs have left Evernote, but has there been any indication other than people in fora like this that it is at risk of shutting down? If that is just a rumor that somebody has started then it is really not right to propagate it and very unfair to the company. Is there any real evidence?

(2) There are already 2 or 3 other threads on this topic. Can this one just be wrapped into one of those. It is getting hard to follow all the OMG EVERNOTE IS DYING threads.

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For years now competition (including the free OneNote) have offered creditable alternatives to Evernote (like this 2016 comparison), so it’s not unlikely that they’ll pivot to being a smaller company better able to defend a paying niche.

I don’t think anyone’s said it’s at imminent risk of shutting down, but the fact that it’s lost highly placed execs and fired 15% of its workforce and its business has stalled is sufficiently worrisome to discuss.

Many alternatives exist and as @quorm mentioned several posts regarding the trouble of Evernote.

I personally ended up going all in with DevonThink Pro Office.

Almost all popular software products have competition. And as I have noted in another post, I started migrating to OneNote about a year ago as a test to see if I could move away from EN. I moved several of my projects to OneNote. There are some things I really liked about OneNote but after a year I decided that the holes in the MAC version were not something that I could deal with (I know the Windows version is different but I have not experience with it). So I decided to give up on it. I decided that a year was a fair test :slightly_smiling_face:

Rather than just going back to EN, I decided to try Devonthink … and after about 3 weeks I really like it (I played with DT for a few weeks about 2 years ago and wasn’t drawn in by it but this time is different). There are some things that I continue to need EverNote for, specifically sharing notes and integrations like Postach.io but I have moved most of my day-to-day work to DTP and I have a feeling that I will stay there.

Bottom line … I like EN, but clearly I am not an EverNote fan boy. I just don’t think it is fair to propagate rumors that a company is at risk of closing up … unless there is some well-documented evidence. Clearly some of the current shakeup is troubling, but lots of companies recover from worse than that…

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FYI it seems that OneNote is slowly rolling out a new design:

Evernote has a new CEO

They are rocking the boat again, apparently.

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Rumours of Evernote’s pending demise have been circulating for over a year, since they changed their prices and irked many users by removing the freemium model. Hell hath no fury like a power user scorned.

A year later, Evernote is still around and we are still discussing the issue as if the rug is going to be pulled from under our feet at any minute.

I’m sure Evernote does have funding issues but that applies to a lot of app developers. Sweeping changes at board level happen at many internet companies but it’s not always the sign that the lights are going to get switched off imminently.

Maybe in the future there will be a pivot and the Evernote we know now may not be the best service for our future needs.

I’ve tried DEVONthink but can’t get it to sync across devices as quickly as Evernote and OCR doesn’t work as smoothly. So for now I’ll continue to use Evernote and keep backups elsewhere.

Ha! Try over 8 years! There’s been consistent skepticism, and indeed, fairly consistent periods of turbulence in those 8 years at Evernote that they’ve managed to survive.

The question is always whether these bumps will be the ones to knock Evernote out of the air. We won’t know until or if it happens.

I was too. But with FireFox and Vivaldi both able to take a screen shot of the whole web page I find this better. The web clipper would not get it right and I would need how it looked exactly. If I needed text I just manually copy it and paste it in. If I want the whole document in simple version I use Safari in the reader mode and copy all of that into Bear. It may seem like more work but being stuck to Evernote to just use a clipper was not worth the effort and frustrations it gave.

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There is a new thread announcing the CEO’s departure. Evernote loses its CEO


Oh dear.

As much as I love Evernote, this is literally the straw breaking the camels back for me.

Time to start offloading and get out now.

For what it is worth, I switched to DevonThink Pro Office. Works great for me.

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How do you like writing notes on the iOS DevonThink app?