Is anyone using Evernote anymore?

I switched from Evernote to DEVONthink back when Evernote was involved in the privacy scandal a few years ago. I have never really fully adopted DEVONthink simply because not a lot of apps support is. One of the main reasons why I loved Evernote was because I could easily send emails or any other content from almost any app to specific notebooks for later access. I never had to worry about formatting, it would just work.

The workflow with DEVONthink is much more complicated, setting up new devices has never been easy, saving emails is a pain, grabbing content from the web doesn’t always work, etc. Have any of you (those who left Evernote) gone back to using the app? If not, what are you guys using these days?

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I also was a big evernote user until a year and a half ago, when I found that I had to move any work notes into Onenote. I found, once I did that my evernote usage went way down and I’ve since moved to the free version. I’m in the process of moving the remaining notes there to Apple notes.

I use Evernote and DEVONthink. DEVONthink is my long term storage and Evernote is my active brain.

I use it because it is cross platform. Although it is not popular in the Mac user community I think it is going from strength to strength and is more popular than ever before.

Using EN every day and am very invested in most aspects of the program. I know they have had some rough spots over the years, but feel they are more solid now than they have ever been. I know there are more and more options, but I know how to get everything I want from EN and am just motivated to move or convert thousands of notes to something else.

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I gave Evernote the flick when they pulled the rug out from everyone a few years back. I get it, they are out to make a profit - but do it by making a premium version irresistible rather than breaking your promise of a limited free account and then locking it down even further to try to force people into paying for something.
Evernote, you burnt your bridge with me - I no longer trust you.

Note there is already a lengthy post and discussion on this topic here. Many opinions and ideas!!

I am a heavy user of EN every single day and love it. As a GTD practitioner EN works perfect for me capturing things on my mind then using tags and action folders to sort / keep me on track. There so much to like and can’t imagine having to give it up.

Heavy EN user - I tried DEVON but like you just for the learning curve and capture too tedious for me. I use EN mostly with tags rather than notebooks and find it a great source for reference storage. I couldn’t do without it at this point.

I am a heavy Evernote user. I have tried many others, including DEVONthink, Bear, Apple Notes, OneNote, Notejoy, and many others. I always come back to Evernote. It definitely has it’s problems (mainly, the editor, in my opinion), but for my use case, it is still the best. The web clipper more than any other feature is what locks me in.