Evernote in Trouble?

Almost all popular software products have competition. And as I have noted in another post, I started migrating to OneNote about a year ago as a test to see if I could move away from EN. I moved several of my projects to OneNote. There are some things I really liked about OneNote but after a year I decided that the holes in the MAC version were not something that I could deal with (I know the Windows version is different but I have not experience with it). So I decided to give up on it. I decided that a year was a fair test :slightly_smiling_face:

Rather than just going back to EN, I decided to try Devonthink … and after about 3 weeks I really like it (I played with DT for a few weeks about 2 years ago and wasn’t drawn in by it but this time is different). There are some things that I continue to need EverNote for, specifically sharing notes and integrations like Postach.io but I have moved most of my day-to-day work to DTP and I have a feeling that I will stay there.

Bottom line … I like EN, but clearly I am not an EverNote fan boy. I just don’t think it is fair to propagate rumors that a company is at risk of closing up … unless there is some well-documented evidence. Clearly some of the current shakeup is troubling, but lots of companies recover from worse than that…


FYI it seems that OneNote is slowly rolling out a new design:

Rumours of Evernote’s pending demise have been circulating for over a year, since they changed their prices and irked many users by removing the freemium model. Hell hath no fury like a power user scorned.

A year later, Evernote is still around and we are still discussing the issue as if the rug is going to be pulled from under our feet at any minute.

I’m sure Evernote does have funding issues but that applies to a lot of app developers. Sweeping changes at board level happen at many internet companies but it’s not always the sign that the lights are going to get switched off imminently.

Maybe in the future there will be a pivot and the Evernote we know now may not be the best service for our future needs.

I’ve tried DEVONthink but can’t get it to sync across devices as quickly as Evernote and OCR doesn’t work as smoothly. So for now I’ll continue to use Evernote and keep backups elsewhere.

Ha! Try over 8 years! There’s been consistent skepticism, and indeed, fairly consistent periods of turbulence in those 8 years at Evernote that they’ve managed to survive.

The question is always whether these bumps will be the ones to knock Evernote out of the air. We won’t know until or if it happens.

I was too. But with FireFox and Vivaldi both able to take a screen shot of the whole web page I find this better. The web clipper would not get it right and I would need how it looked exactly. If I needed text I just manually copy it and paste it in. If I want the whole document in simple version I use Safari in the reader mode and copy all of that into Bear. It may seem like more work but being stuck to Evernote to just use a clipper was not worth the effort and frustrations it gave.

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There is a new thread announcing the CEO’s departure. Evernote loses its CEO


Oh dear.

As much as I love Evernote, this is literally the straw breaking the camels back for me.

Time to start offloading and get out now.

For what it is worth, I switched to DevonThink Pro Office. Works great for me.

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How do you like writing notes on the iOS DevonThink app?

Devonthink shines for capturing files, as a repository for them, and to a certain extent for editing pdfs. I think that there are much better options for your writing, which of course can then be sent into Devonthink.

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I don’t really like writing notes directly in DT. It is okay but not a great experience. I write my notes in Drafts then export to DT.


I think the writing has been on the wall for Evernote for a while now; I migrated everything into Apple Notes and have been pretty happy there.

I read the situation differently. They are still successful. Just restructuring. They need to innovate more but they are still miles bigger than bear and DEVONthink put together.

I love Evernote

The CEO has just been pushed out just weeks after the exit of Evernote’s chief technology officer, chief financial officer, chief product officer and senior vice president of human resources - and the layoffs of 15% of the workforce. Evernote has topped out at 25 million or so users, less than 5% of whom are paying for the service (and the rest costing the company $$). This does not smell like success to me.

Where did you get these numbers? Unfortunately there’s some false and misleading information that’s being reported by the media.

At last count evernote had more than 200 million users. I really don’t know how they’re doing, but I am a heavy user of the product and hope they get it turned around.

Unfortunately, that’s a deceptive statistic that Evernote promotes on its main page: “225 million people around the world have discovered Evernote”

That’s how many people signed up for an account since the product came into existence. How many are active users? Evernote does not say. I was referring to analyst reports of active users. In 2012 CEO Phil Libin said they had 1.4 million paying customers, and the point of the recent firings (and in 2015) were mainly due to stagnant growth. In 2015 Evernote fired 18% of its workforce, shut down three of its 10 global offices, and replaced its long-time CEO Phil Libin with former Google exec Chris O’Neill.

That didn’t spur a turnaround, hence the firing of O’Neill and much of the top executive staff (and another 15% of the company) just three years later.


i know this topic been beat 2 death but i find it funny how some popular Relay hosts are back on the tool LOL aka Myke, Federrico well just realized CPGGray never left lol just complained alot

i stayed only bc so much of my day is windows @ work vice trying devon think but I hope EN capitalizes on loyalty and continues to grow in the right direction

Sticking with Evernote, because:

  • there is no reason to migrate preemptively: exporting could be done from a Mac if the company really ceased operations) and
  • the app has very few competitors if you want a one-stop-shop (which is what I need). There are zero alternatives (as far as I know) if you want to share your account with someone, e.g. your spouse (assuming they have their own Dropbox and Apple ID).
    9200 notes and counting.

In agreement here. Though I have had misgivings about several departures from the company, I continue to use EN (albeit not as thoroughly as I used to) and was heartened to hear on Connected that by Myke and Frederico were using it again.

As is the nature of things, every app has a use and a season, and maybe Evernote is about to have another Spring.