Evernote Plus ($35/year) is Still Available

I was downgrading my Evernote subscription today and was given the option to downgrade to the Plus plan ($35/year) despite that plan not being available publicly. The screenshot shows a downgrade to Plus button at the bottom of the page.

When I choose to continue with downgrading to the Free plan, I had to fill out a form indicating why I was downgrading. When I choose “Premium is too expensive” a note showed indicating that Plus is $2.92/month if paid annually.

So it looks like they still offer an in-between plan when trying to downgrade to the Free plan.

A comparison chart of the different plans is available in their help site.

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How many devices can you sync to?

Did Evernote Plus really ever go away? It’s still in the FAQ and the plan comparison page:


@bowline Yes, it’s still in the FAQ, but it’s removed as an option for new sign-ups and only mentioned as an option if you are downgrading.

@violagail I’m not sure how many devices are allowed on that plan. That’s one feature I couldn’t find.

Sounds like a desperate company if they went through this much trouble to keep someone.

The biggest mistakes so many companies are making now is getting away from what made them successful and start stock piling features that the people don’t want. I’m seeing Dashlane following this same path by charging more and adding features that no one asked for. The good news is that this breeds new products that fill the voids.

The fact that this reminds me of how cable companies suddenly offer you a better deal when you threaten to cancel your service does not put Evernote in good company.

@ChrisUpchurch I wasn’t threatening to cancel my service in hope that Evernote would win me over with a cheaper price for the same features. I admire that they have a solid and very distinctive pricing model. The Plus plan, while it isn’t an option for new sign-ups, is being used to offer an alternative plan with fewer features at half the price. That makes sense to me.

@ecophoscys It was no trouble to cancel. Evernote has a very intuitive and user-friendly process for downgrading and upgrading your plan. Evernote hasn’t gotten away from what made them successful as a startup. In fact, they continue to provide the same service, but better as our device and code technology gets better.

I simply don’t need a paid plan with Evernote. I’m not using it like I should and taking advantage of all the features. A combination of iCloud Drive and DEVONthink offer all the features I need.