Evernote Replacement for Recipe Book management?

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Thank you so much for posting this @jmayhugh
It got me thinking about my own ADHD struggles and my recipe management. Recipe Book recommendations? I use Evernote for a digital brain and for printed lists including printed recipes. I tried the iPad but it always went to sleep and was fiddly. Now I use a three ring binder and a hole punch. What are the alternatives to archive this workflow? The only thing I have found is Word to make recipe templates and save them on my hard drive. I tried Evernote but it does not play nice with others and is terrible for printing recipes. I have moved to Drafts/Fantastical/Todoist workflow. I also use Evernote for lists that I print and put on a clipboard like packing lists. I’m also publishing things to my website and looking for a workflow to copy and paste from. Currently using Google Docs for the editing/ sharing features but then I have to save it to Word to save it to my hard drive. Google Drive would get filled up quickly because I have 3000+ notes in Evernote. Thanks for getting the mind working the this morning!

Have you tried something like Paprika or Mela? Really easy to scrape recipes from websites. No subscription and Mac and iOS. Been using Paprika for probably a decade now.

I also save recipes as PDFs, either from Pages or I print to PDF for webpages and store then in DevonThink.

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Thanks I was thinking of trying DevonThink for that but it seems pricey, is it worth the cost? I have tried Paprika in the past. It never stuck because I use a lot of my own recipes. And it was tricky to import them. They probably have that fixed by now. I will look at Mela

I cut and paste from my own recipes to get them into Paprika. It works well enough. Mela is the new hotness in recipe apps. :slight_smile: I haven’t really tried it yet, but a lot of people seem to like it.

Is DT worth it? Hard to say, but it does work very well for things like keeping recipes. And you can annotate notes on the PDFs as needed. I really like it, but just for recipes, it’s probably not worth it.

#craft would be a great option for this as you can customize the look of the page and printing it turns out very nicely.

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+1 for Paprika. It’s so good at capturing recipes and has cool power features like menu planning, pantry tracking and in-recipe timers. I also like that it allows for per-step photos and has a good formatting options. It’s also very easy to export out of Paprika.

I hadn’t heard of Mela before this thread…I will have to check it out.

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