Evernote Scansnap with the IX500 and OCR'd PDFs

I just noticed that ScanSnap Cloud will

  • save PDFs to Evernote
  • but the saved PDFs are not OCR’d
  • but the saved PDFs are searchable by Evernote

I spent some time poking around to see if the PDFs could be OCR’d but that doesn’t seem possible.

OCR’d is nice as you can copy/paste from the PDFs.

Anybody else hit this issue? At first, I thought this was a big issue if Evernote was not making the documents searchable, but apparently it is.

Maybe this is possible: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105199-ix500-scan-directly-to-evernote/?tab=comments#comment-485127 ?

I cross-posted my question on the Evernote forum: