Evernote to Apple Notes

One of my summer projects was switching from Evernote to Apple Notes. I am very happy with the transition—so much easier to access, mark up, share.
I spent the a.m. pruning and re-organizing.
The most recent episode of MacPowerUsers is very helpful for clarity on which app is the best for the purpose.


Nice alto clef avatar. Apple Notes is good, but I decided to move to iA Writer for my notes so that I can have everything in text (markdown) files. If you don’t care about that, Apple Notes is a good choice and I used it for years before moving to text files. I still use it for a few things where a plain text note isn’t enough.

I am a total Apple Notes user. Free, offline capability, native apps (duh, it’s Apple), handwriting support, and Shortcuts compatibility. Only app that meets all these requirements.


Thanks for the encouraging post. I’m going to switch back to Apple Notes as well. Gotta save money these days.

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It has improved SO much since ‘back in the day’. The flexibility of getting to other applications was a seller for me.

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Does anyone know of a way to (mass) export from Evernote to Apple Notes… ON


I did mine on MacOS—was very easy.

Yeah, I don’t have a Mac so :blush: