Everyday pants?

I work from a home office so I set my own dress code. However, I don’t walk around in my pajamas all day. My rule of thumb is to put on clothes that I’m willing to be seen wearing in public.

(Some people say that for working in a home office, you should get dressed as you would if you were going to the regular office. For me, that would be slacks or nice jeans and a button down oxford shirt. Or even a suit without a tie. For working for a home office, that seems nuts.)

For years I’ve been wearing 5.11 tactical pants but they’re starting to seem too, I dunno, gadgety to me. I found a pair of LLBean cargo pants in my closet and liked them a lot – nearly invisible discreet thigh pockets, other than that they just look like pants. I’d like to buy one or two more pairs, but sadly, they don’t seem to be available anymore.

Anybody have recommendations for everyday pants they like? They should be comfortable, straight fit, with pockets that can hold wallet and keys. Dedicated phone and AirPods pockets preferred. I’d rather they not be obviously cargo pants but I’lll do cargo pants in a pinch.

I like Eddie Bauer’s stuff. Their jeans last forever, and they have a great guarantee.

This seems more like a Reddit post than MPU, doesn’t it? I’d try asking in a men’s clothing subreddit or /r/BuyItForLife/

The iPhone/AirPods angle is why I thought of here.

Still, you make a good point.

How is asking about pants any different than asking about bags?

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Because if you go out without a bag you won’t get funny looks from the neighbors.

I know that now.


I too mostly work from home and agree with “getting dressed” philosophy. I love Lululemon mens pants which are super comfortable for home, can be used to play golf, AND can be worn in a somewhat more “formal” business setting (ie, non-suit) especially if you go with the darker shades of blue. Pockets work well for my 11 Pro and AirPods Pro…but otherwise aren’t super large.

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Ha! You get used to it!

I’m female, and finding good fitting sturdy pants is very difficult. However my go to ones that are similar to 5.11 tactical pants are made by Duluth Trading and Carhartt. Both places make a variety of good solid sturdy working pants that look great. I can’t speak to the men’s line but of the women’s Carhartt has deeper and better placed front pockets and a better tool one for my epipen. Duluth cargo pants are a lot like 5.11 but with even more pockets. I rarely use the cargo pockets and agree they are not the best looking. Where I do find cargo pockets useful is during lambing and when I am traveling. They are also good for on-the go knitting. Cabela’s used to make good shooters pants that are more discreet in terms of their pockets but since the change to Bass Pro now all they sell are 5.11 pants.

Duluth Trading


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I love my 5.11 pants that I didn’t realize until now that’s what I own. I bought my two pair through Amazon. I always refer to them as my EMS pants since they are what EMS wear.

I love clothing with multiple pockets from jackets to pants. I think this is a fitting topic for the MPU forums.


Docker’s Alpha: https://www.dockers.com/US/en_US/clothing/men/dockers-alpha-mens-chino-pants-slim-fit/p/758070022