Examples of Well-Crafted Shortcuts to Learn From

Like many of you, I am having loads of fun with shortcuts. However there is so much I don’t know.

  • I don’t know how repeats should be set up properly
  • I don’t know the best way to structure if then statements
  • I don’t know the best way to iterate through lists

I have learned a lot simply by looking at really complex and powerful shortcuts working backwards. You know of any shortcuts that have been particularly well-crafted shortcuts that I could learn from?


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I would highly recommend David’s guides. He has a free Workflow guide and one for Shortcuts you can buy, and it covers repeat loops well.



Most Shortcuts from Federico Viticci are pretty solid

Adding to what Rose said, one thing to note on the Workflow Field Guide is that it comes from before Workflow implemented Magic Variables, so many of the examples use “Get Variable” and “Set Variable” a lot. That style still works, but it’s no longer strictly necessary. There was some discussion of this on the latest Automators.

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I would note though, while this isn’t necessary in my experience it’s very helpful if you have no programming background and are just learning all of this - rather like a comment it helps you see exactly where you have set this up :slight_smile:

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