Excel on Mac App Store?

Hi Mac Power Users,

I need a copy of Excel on my Mac. However, I don’t really want to pay for a license as it comes with all the extra office stuff that I don’t need or want.

Does anyone know if Microsoft has an Excel only download option?

I heard earlier this year that Excel is coming to the Mac App Store but I see it’s still not available. Has anyone heard any more updates on this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Thanks @JohnAtl I didn’t realise you could purchase standalone.

However, this seems more expensive than Office 365 personal. Or is it that your option is one-time and this is a subscription?

That’s right.
You also have the option of buying office (rather than subscribing) at the link you posted.

Have you considered LIbreOffice? It is open source and is compatible with Excel. Reads and writes .xlsx files. But I don’t think it will run Excel macros. OpenOffice is another open source MS-compatible suite. I’ve used both but find LibreOffice to run a little faster.

No I haven’t, but thanks for the tip!