Exchange Calendar Sync with Apple Calendar

I have been having intermittent problems with Apple Calendar syncing my MS Exchange calendar. I will enter it on one device, but it either doesn’t sync to the Exchange server, or another device doesn’t pull it down from the Exchange server.

I tried cmd-R and relaunching the app. I also checked to be sure that the calendar is active in the app and that it is properly listed in Internet Accounts. The only thing that seems to work is rebooting the device, which is a pain. Any ideas on why this might be happening and how I can fix it? Thanks!

Do you have the same issue on another third party calendar with exchange support? (I.e., have you ruled out the server?)

In this instance, the entry doesn’t show up in Outlook or my attorney case management software calendar. So it didn’t sync up to the server. However, I have had it happen where the one device syncs it up to the server, it appears on other platforms, but not Apple Calendar on one of my Macs. Doubt it’s the server.

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I’ve seen versions of that too. It’s very frustrating. It happens to me relatively infrequently and randomly so it’s been hard to figure out why it’s happening.

To verify, you are using Exchange Server, not Exchange Online, correct?

This is a common and longstanding problem between Apple Calendars and Exchange’s Active Sync. I used to have this a lot with On Premise Exchange and had to turn the calendar off and then back on again in the IOS settings about once a month to force a resync.

I am using Exchange through Microsoft 365 and accessing it through the Mac version of Outlook.

I asked because Exchange Server has been targeted by ransomeware lately and I thought your problem might be related to a new patch or something.

AFAIK “Exchange” is the product that would be on an in-house server, and is not the same as Microsoft 365. MS365 doesn’t have the same vulnerability that was exploited by the ransomware attacks. And apparently Exchange Online is the same as MS365 - I think.

With that said, it appears your problem is not unusual. Here is a discussion that may offer you some things to try. Good luck.

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