Exchange Calendar, sync with Apple Calendar

Hi MPUers! Loving this new site!

The company I work for recently removed the ability to sync Exchange Email, Calendar, and Contacts to any clients (iOS, Android, Mac Mail App/Contacts) except for Outlook (on all devices).

Does anyone know of a workflow that would automatically export outlook calendar events in a folder and be automatically imported into an iCloud Calendar?

A quick google search yielded this applescript. You should read the whole page. I have not tested yet, but it may be a starting point.

My company recently did this too. I REALLY miss Apple Mail. Search in Outlook is so frustrating! It fails to find messages that I know I just read. I think it takes it longer to index than Apple Mail because when I search the following day, the messages appear in the search results.

To be clear, I am talking about searching on words that are only found in the body of the message. It find stuff in the headers pretty quickly.