Exchange / Contacts - Changes Not Taking

I have two work email accounts (both Exchange) and an iCloud email account where I am using one of the Exchange accounts for all of my contact management.

I’ve been having issues where changes I’ve been making within the Contacts app and BusyContacts don’t take/disappear and one where the birthdays, once updated, move one day forward.

Has anyone come across this?

Is anyone using iCloud for all of their contact management? Have you had any issues? I’m ready to move everything there to see if that will solve the problems.

FWIW, in past years I used BusyContacts with my Gmail & iCloud accounts and never had a problem.

Is your work using Exchange Online (O365 or M365 Business), or Exchange Server?

We recently switched servers to the Office 365, but the problem existed before and after the change.

I’ve tried taking BusyContacts out of the equation and the problem still exists