Exchange email in gmail

I would like to transfer my exchange email to gmail on an ongoing basis (would prefer an automation). The reason is because I sometimes need to search for very old emails which takes literally seconds in gmail.

I’ve used Apple Mail to move email from Microsoft Exchange to Gmail and visa-versa. In Office 365, at least, you can forward your email to another account as well.

How to move email from exchange account to gmail in apple. ?

Once both accounts where set up in Apple Mail, I just dragged the folders from one account to the other account. It was pretty straight-forward.

Some ISP’s might block your email ports if you start sending large amounts
of email by copying via an email client like Mail app or Outlook.

There are online services that migrate email directly between the two email servers.

If you use GSuite you can use the build inn migration tool that moves the email between servers.

You can set up forwarding in your exchange account settings.

I want to do this automatically as the mail comes in to my exchange account.

I was under the impression you wanted to switch email providers. If you want to keep
both (or more) but only want to manage one email account then mail forwarding will do.

Sometimes the mail forwarding will copy all old email but I cant tell for sure. If you do want all consolidate all email into one account you can always use one if the migration tools or use your favorite mail app to move the mail in small increments.