Exchange/iCloud calendar sync

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Looking for a way for my office email (exchange) to sync to an iCloud email. Specifically we use iCloud calendars at home and I like to share schedule with wife, but it’s a bit of a hassle to manually copy office events/meetings so she knows what’s going on. Would love if exchange account could “shadow sync” to iCloud calendar somehow.

Does your organization forbid publishing a calendar link in Exchange? That’d be the easiest solution. Here’s one tutorial: How to publish Anonymous Calendar Sharing URL in Exchange Online or Exchange 2013 - Microsoft Tech Community

Here’s a Siri Shortcut someone made that you could modify to clone events on your calendar: Shortcuts

There are some paid services that do this as well but I can’t tell if they’re trustworthy or effective.

Organization forbids sharing, already tried that. And I also have been a bit leery of some of the apps that claim to do this sync. Ultimately May end up just installing my work calendar on her phone, or continue to manually translate stuff to both calendars when needed. (Is a hassle since can’t use iCloud sync on work computer, when my assistant adds items I need to then go on my phone and update or wait until home and batch update on iMac).

I live with a locked down work Office365 and the only practical solution I have found is to run Outlook on my phone, Mac, iPad, and add my personal accounts to it as well as work. That’s the only way to get one view of everything. But I still have to fight with the multi-factor auth on a regular basis.

I know this might be a very expensive solution, but might work, did you try SavvyCal? You can connect Outlook calendar to it, and give your wife delegate access, she can see your availability.

Trying to eliminate issues for wife……aka she hates using digital stuff as is so the easier it is for it to just show up for her the better. Having an iCloud calendar and not multiple accounts on her phone is ideal (currently half the events are not visible to me since she routinely puts them on the wrong calendars.

Simplicity will lead to her using it……so if this means I continue to manually copy it over probably a small price for an up to date calendar.

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