Exchange Series 5 watch band

So I got the new Series 5 and decided that I don’t really like the band. It came in it’s own watch band box, it’s unopened, and it has a barcode on it. Anyone know if the Apple store will let me exchange it?

I’d bet. Fastest way to get an answer would probably be to just chat/call with Store support.

We picked up a series 5 yesterday and the staff asked if it was what my wife wanted while we were getting it—maybe they were just being nice, but it seemed like we could’ve changed our online order there and then. Ergo it seems like they’re responsive.

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I chatted with Support on this very same issue yesterday Via iMessage and they told me to go to the Apple Store.

I’m taking the Watch itself because the support rep I talked to didn’t know if you could exchange just the band

I have no update because there was a line of about 50 people outside the store and it looked packed inside (this is a fairly spacious store too). I didn’t feel like waiting and will find some time next week to try. I’ll try to rennet to report back then or if you learn before, let us know!

Update: I was able to exchange the band. When they brought up my online order for the watch, it shows both the watch and the band separately on one screen, but would only allow an exchange on the “entire package”.

He was able to process it as a “no receipt” exchange, but it wouldn’t let him proceed, presumably because the SKU of the band was tied to a watch order. He got the manager to override and walked out with a different band.

Side note: I asked the guy how phone orders were this year compared to recent years and he said it seemed like there were quite a bit more, especially more than last year.

When I visited the Upper East Side NYC store today there was a line of a couple dozen people snaked inside the store, with velvet ropes outside (but no line outside when I was there).

Good to hear. I asked one rep about changing bands for the Nike Apple Watch and he said that the only choices for that model were the eight listed by Apple for that specific model - no alternatives allowed.

I was told the same thing.

Good on Apple. Previously you were tied to very few options for each Apple Watch, so I had to get an unwanted band with my new 4 last year.

Update: I went into the  Store today and was able to exchange only the band without having to get a new Watch (which they didn’t have in stock anyway). I wouldn’t say it was “just works” easy though…

The employee I worked with had to talk it over with two managers and one of them had to do some kind of override where he was scanning his badge with the employee’s device. Looks like the independent band program still has some growing pains to work through. Hoping I don’t have issues in some future trade in or repair.

They kept mentioning the trouble was because it was an “online order” (preorder). If I’d have purchased in the Store it sounds like they ring it up as two separate products instead of a bundle.

I was exchanging one Sport Loop color for another so no change in type or price, could’ve been more involved if there was a difference?

So, for a band exchange - at least in the short term - your results may vary if you purchased online.