Exchange Server update at work rendered my Mac Mail app, Outlook for Mac app, and Sanebox for my work account useless

The update happened yesterday and I’m getting the small company IT “we don’t support Mac” answer. Any help from the MPU Forum folks will be greatly appreciated.

Btw, I forgot to mention there was no effect to my iOS devices.

This happened to me when my company implemented “modern authentication” with Office365. Eventually got it fixed but I would get as much info as possible and start eliminating possibilities. Wish I had a better answer. Definitely a time-suck…

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Get Parallels and run Office inside a Windows VM. Worked for me at my last “small company”. I now ask about mac usage at the first interview. For my current job, they just assumed I wanted a top of the line MBP 15 like all the others. Feels good, man! :slight_smile:

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A potential partial solution to your problem: Over the last workweek or two I’ve been experimenting with accessing my company Office 365 mail from the browser interface, on the Web, and it works very well. No need to install any software on the Mac. And Outlook is no worse than Apple Mail.

At first I grumbled at the transition from Apple Mail to Outlook, but I can’t say I miss Apple Mail in any way. Indeed, a month or two ago I found that Apple Mail was once again working for my company email account, and I decided not to even bother switching back from Outlook to Apple Mail. I couldn’t see any reason to.

What I’m saying is you might want to try just switching from Apple Mail to Outlook on the Web, if that’s an option. You might find Outlook on the Web to be no worse than Apple Mail.

The one big drawback to using Iutlook on the Web is I’ve found desktop notifications don’t work in Safari, so I keep Firefox running for that. I’ll probably mess around with this a bit in the next few weeks and see if I can get notifications working without having to run a second browser.

Can’t help you on Sanebox. When the small company I worked for previously was acquired by a much bigger company, with more professional IT, one of the things I had to give up was Sanebox. And y’know I can’t say I miss it. I need to look into whether some of the sleep/pause features are available in Outlook for the Web.

Good luck! You have my sympathies. Trying to be a Mac power user in a corporate environment is a challenge. Fortunately for me, my company permits BYO devices — but that just means I end up shelling out of my own pocket for the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone I use for work. So, um, yay?

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Why do you say you don’t miss SaneBox? I’m due for a renewal soon and it’s expensive for 4 accounts even on an annual basis.

Your question contains a hint of an answer: It wasn’t worth the money for me. I still need to look at every message. Snoozing was nice but Outlook may support that.

@w4jvc Also, Outlook uses automation to divide email into Focused and other mail, pretty much the same as SaneBox’s SaneLater.

And confirming that Outlook does indeed support snoozing messages.

Would you believe the solution was simply rebooting the server? Of course that’s the answer. It’s a Microsoft Exchange Server!