Excitement for Monterey?

Recently (and not so recently), I have been trying figure out more optimal ways to handle things on my laptop which I use much more than any other device. However, I want to use my iPad Pro 11" more.

One thing that I can’t seem to figure out is storing information. Mainly bookmarks and notes. Last year, I opted NOT to use DevonThink because it was overkill. I went with KeepIt and although I think it’s not a bad solution, I find myself never going in there. I also use Drafts.

That being said, I was looking at the Apple site this morning and seeing the capabilities of Monterey and was very intrigued. Mind you, I had a 2012 MBP that I finally upgraded in 2019 with the new (at the time) 16" MBP. At that time, I was several OSs behind and didn’t care. My current laptop is running Catalina.

At some point in my life, I stopped caring about OS upgrades. I felt (rightly or wrongly), the risk of hassles was not worth the new features. Nothing has felt exciting to me. But with Monterey, that has changed.

I like the Safari Tab Groups, I’m curious about Focus, and I’m very intrigued by Quick Note and Notes. (I didn’t know I could create a Quick Note on my iPad but then again, I use it for consumption 99% of the time.)

I’m thinking between Safari Tab Groups and Quick Note, that may get me back to just using Safari and Notes for the things I need.

There are other things that are intriguing but those could bring me the most benefit.

I also have been curious about some other apps but they don’t run on Catalina. After a big project is completed late January, I think that would be a good time for me to move to Monterey. I’m hoping more bugs are fixed and some features that haven’t yet made it, have done so.

Curious if people have similar thoughts after trying out Safari Tab Groups and Quick Note.

I use Tab Groups frequently. My primary use case is temporary bookmarking for research or short-term project related webpages. I use regular bookmarks/folders for long-term access to webpages I show/hide the bookmarks folders in Safari as the need arises.

I was also excited about Quick Notes when it debuted but I have not found myself using it much as I have not found that it does much to enhance my workflow.

As to Monterey in general, I’m very happy with this OS. I’ve not run into any bugs (I’m sure others have), I like the new features and the overall design, even compact mode in Safari.

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Bold of you to recklessly tempt fate like that. :wink:

After leading a private school through a pandemic and politics over the last two years, bugs in Monterey are the least of my concerns! :joy:


I wouldn’t say I’m excited about Monterey, but I do use some of its new features. I’m also finding it to perform well, and don’t mind the Big Sur UI update.