Excluding private info when sharing my contact card

I was wondering how others handle this.

In my personal contact entry I have various private pieces of information which I don’t want to share with others. Therefore, every time I need to share my contact info, I can’t share my contact card.

For example, I have a separate number to access the voicemail system at the office. I have private email addresses used to email stuff to my accounts (think Amazon Kindle, HP printers, etc). All of these are stored in my contact entry. Therefore, if I share my contact card, the person I share it with gets all of this stuff as well. I could make a separate entry for this stuff, but the idea that I would have two entries for one person would really bother me.

So what do you do? How do you store this sort of private personal contact info? And more importantly, how do you avoid including it when sharing your contact card with others?

I have two contact cards, one with limited data in my master contact list in Gmail. And a second which includes private information in iCloud.


Same here. I have a card just for sharing. I never share with anyone the “My Card” contact – it’s full of inactive email address and phone numbers that I keep for personal archival purposes.

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Same here. I have 4 different records with my details:

  1. private record with every relevant detail in it for personal use
  2. personal record with only email, mobile and twitter info in it. Able to share without worries
  3. personal record with full address, phone and email contact and Twitter handle. Share only as and when needed
  4. business record with mobile, work email, LinkedIn, Teams and office address

Also played with and created an electronic shareable business card in my iPhone Wallet using canva.com.

It looks like a branded card (incl optional photo and logo) with a QR code that people can scan to obtain my relevant details and download a vcf file to integrate into their address book. This will replace my paper business cards and will likely eliminate the need for multiple contact records too

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while too, this was my solution. Man I love this place you think like I do. My Blog


I tried all different ideas including Screen shots using Widgetsmith and displaying as a large widget but this one is the most straightforward. Now I don’t even carry business cards. It’s mostly to set up play dates for my kids. I handed the business are out and people where a little confused because it is such a slick option. Thank you for posting your ideas.

If you use Cardhop by Flexibits on i*OS (not looked at the options on macOS) you can set up multiple contact cards, each containing only the information that you want to share. It also displays a QR code of the contact card as well as sharing options. The cards are simply accessed by turning your iPhone landscape when in Cardhop and then swiping through the displayed cards.


I had forgotten that Cardhop offers such a feature. Very cool. Unfortunately, while anyone can create business cards with a free account, you need a premium subscription to access and share the cards. I don’t pay subscriptions for software unless there is a clear server component (or other justification) so that’s out for me.

The idea of a QR code or link to a downloadable vcard is interesting, but also makes me wary. I would be very suspicious of any such links provided to me by others.

Looks like I’ll need to create multiple entries, which is going to annoy me.

FWIW, I used to email a vCard with my contact info to all parties when a new project began. No one ever complained and on one occasion I was included when one AT&T executive forwarded my vCard to everyone on his team :grinning: