Exercise ring in WatchOS 6

Has anyone else noticed far fewer exercise ring minutes achieved passively throughout the day on WatchOS 6? Previously I was filling my ring most days without a dedicated workout thanks to my ADD. The last few days I’m getting to the end of the day with something like 4 or 5 exercise minutes. I’m curious if I’m alone or if others have noticed this too.

I’m with @Wolfie, mine seems to be about the same.

Interesting, thanks for the replies! Perhaps I’m a lot lazier the last few days :grin:

Oddly though yesterday I had about 5 exercise minutes but my move ring was filled. I know the operate independently but still seems odd.

Mine has been the same, but I almost never get exercise minutes unless I’m out for a run or a really brisk walk.

I noticed yesterday the display of the rings required me to switch away and switch back.

I’m concluding Watch OS 6 is a bit buggy.

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I don’t think it’s an issue for me; it’s always been like this. I go for a 10Km run every day, so I expect it to not register much during the rest of my day. (I was only noting that the behaviour hadn’t changed :slight_smile: )

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Oh great the more I workout the harder it is to get credit daily? One more reason NOT to exercise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think it was on a recent summer episode of Let’s Talk iOS that one of the hosts, a dedicated runner, was complaining about how some challenges were getting incredibly hard… then got feedback from listeners discussing their differing challenges, and it became clear that, at least in some events, challenges were being customized based on individual user history. He proceeded on a fairly justified mini-rant about that, and about Apple needing to implement off-days, off-days on holidays, and bankable off-days or even sick days.

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I had to let the challenges go. I was getting too stressed out by being unable to make them just because I was travelling during a given month or something like that.

I’ve also had to stop paying attention to my running pace and other statistics. I’m not an athlete; I go for a nice long run after work (or after morning coffee on weekends) and I leave it at that. I found that when I was focussed on “improving” my performance, I’d get injured.

I understand. I don’t have my Watch yet (I’m waiting for the Nike models to appear in stores) but Pedometer++ on my iPhone tells me that I do 10-14 miles a day, 7 days/week. Based on my current mileage I’m pretty sure I won’t have any energy for challenges outside my current workout schedule.

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I’m using a Nike Watch 3, aiming to upgrade to a Watch 5 (44mm). Are you telling me there’s an announced Nike one?

I particularly like the band - with the holes in. As a runner I appreciate that - for the ventilation.

It was announced on-stage when the new Watch was. Initial preorders were for delivery this week, but orders placed today have slipped to Oct 17-22 delivery.

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Thanks. That sport loop looks attractive. Does anyone have any experience with it? It claims reflectability and breathability.

I have the nylon sport loop, so not reflective, but it does breathe well. I also have the Nike sport band (with the holes), but I prefer the loop because I find that the breathes better, but (more importantly) it’s infinitely adjustable, which I find much more comfortable during a run.


To close the loop on this I was still noticing issues after the reset. After monitoring my heart rate during workouts it seemed my leather band was a bit more loose due to the cooler weather. I’ve switched to my sport band and I’m getting much better results.