EXIF / Metadata editor for photos on iOS

I have a new Olympus camera (no gps data) and import images via Apple’s camera connection kit to Photos on iPad Pro 12.9.

I’ve found a few well reviewed EXIF / MetaData editors for iOS in the App Store… but was curious if anyone here had recommendations from personal use.

I would like my workflow to be … take images on interchangeable lens camera… import via camera connection kit… bulk edit images and add tags and exif location data… then post process a few selected images with Afinity Photo.

Any suggestions for apps to bulk edit location data would be welcome.


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Thank you for pointing out this app!

Photos on macOS has the ability to edit titles, keywords, dates and locations. Photos on iOS is missing ALL of that. Very frustrating, but this app fills the gaps. The only thing it’s missing is search, but I can do that in Photos and prepare a temporary album for bulk editing in EXIF Viewer.

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Have you looked at Geotag Photos Pro 2 ? I haven’t used it but I used to use a similar but no longer supported app called GPS4cam.

Thanks I will give that one a shot… don’t mind spending a few bucks to test it out

Plenty of solutions on the iMac… for sure… but I am working on trying to see how much I can do on my iPadPro w/out having to move back to mac

I have been playing with this on as well… so far very easy to add map locations in bulk

Metapho by Zininworks Inc.

Some of the other apps pulled the photo or made a duplicate… this edits photo in place

Just fyi

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I’d like to recommend Metapho as well.
It gives you the option to edit in place of change the information and share it from the application.

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So far MetaPho and Exif Viewer are the winners

Also tested investigator and Exify but did not like the interface on Investigator and Exify was nice but could not figure out how to add map location if none existed (you could change if one already there but not add)

Unless there is some secret handshake and key combo to ADD if none

Hi Rbwaia,

I’m looking to do a similar thing with my iPad, I’m looking for a way of adding star ratings to my images.

What is the easiest way you’ve found of doing that on iOS?


I recommend Metapho as well, great app, I use it frequently!

Cheers FrMichaelFanous, I’ll check it out.

I have just download tonight to try this one
[HashPhotos](http://HashPhotos by beyondf)

Looks like it can add TAGS so you could make your own 1Star 2Star etc tags? And get albums that way?

@dfay - GPS4cam user here, as well.