Expensify Expense Report Review

Back on the FB page I asked what people were using to track and turn in expense reports. I was given several suggestions but the overwhelming winner was Expensify. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I must say I’m impressed. I was always bad about turning in my reports and turning them in with a “less than professional” look. Expensify fixes all of that.

First, it’s easy. Click the green button and and you’re off to the races. The smart scan (It will scan your receipt and auto fill the blanks) up works but it is terribly slow. With the free version you only get 10 Smart Scans a month with the free version but it’s more than enough for me since I rarely use it. Let me say, when I say it’s “easy” I’m not saying you don’t need to poke around the software to see what it does.

Second, it’s a great app and a great web platform. I needed to change something in my expense report at my secretary’s office. I pulled up my account on Expensify on her PC and BAM! Done. It was nice not having to go back to my office for my iPad or iPhone to fix a minor error.

Finally, it looks GREAT. The reports look awesome and I’m now the golden employee when it comes to expense reports. My secretary is happy now, my wife is happy (who used to help me put them together) and I’m happy. I don’t dread doing expense reports anymore! This is all with the free version. I may upgrade just to get the extra smart scans but we will see.

I can’t recommend this app enough.

What do you use for expense reports?
Do you use Expensify? What do you wish they would add/tweak?

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