Experience Using iCloud Sharing with non-Apple people?

Like @MacSparky I’m interested in using iCloud exclusively to share folders and documents rather than Dropbox. In one of his latest post David wrote:

… In the day job, I often have people I share files with that don’t own any hardware with a fruit logo. Historically, iCloud sharing has not been useful outside the Apple ecosystem. That is getting better now, but is it good enough yet?.

So my question is, what has your experience been in sharing folders or files in iCloud with non-Apple people?

iCloud sharing is not as easy or as sophisticated. I use dropbox mostly, occasionally box.com, and I have grandfathered-in Pro accounts for both CloudApp and Droplr which I occasionally use.

@bowline Thanks for the response. My needs are not complex. My biggest use case is sharing a folder of presentations, research literature, etc. after speaking at a conference. So all I really need is a reliable link that anyone can open easily regardless of operating system or hardware. Dropbox is very good at this but do my best to keep my applications and services to a minimum. Accordingly, I would prefer to use only iCloud if it will work well for sharing with non-Apple users.

If you are sharing for a limited time after a conference, to people using unknown hardware, I still think Dropbox is ideal. 2Gb storage (per account email address, ahem) per free account should be enough for that I’d imagine.

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I have tried using iCloud sharing with a green bubble person and it didn’t work for them—they were not able to drop files into the folder.

My use case is to have a place that my clients can upload financial data, bu it need that space to be secure and encrypted end-to-end. Apple seems like the perfect company to entrust this with, but I have green- and blue-bubble clients and so far it’s not working as desired.

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The like is for “Green Bubble Person”. Loved it.