Experience with Airtable or competitors?

any recomendations of a cloud database provider? looking for a service like Airtable where I can create a relational database

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I use Airtable every day and I really like it. I need to be able to create surveys and then share them with different views for different users. It works great for the job. It’s particularly good for my use case as the shared links work well across all platforms, and my staff and students don’t need a license.

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As I mentioned in this thread, Airtable is really powerful, but not a great citizen on the Mac or iOS. If you’re looking for an app that syncs over iCloud, then Collections Database has been great for me:

Unfortunately it doesn’t have the automation support that is so powerful in Airtable.


I use airtable a lot for numerous businesses I work with.

It’s powerful, has an extensive amount of automation opportunities (both built in and easily accessible using make or zapier) and I’ve not had any issues with speed (not huge tables, but some with 50,000 records).

the speed of new features is great as well. They seem to be constantly releasing new things all the time.

I’ve been using the built in interfaces a fair bit and have also used glide / softr for past projects to built ‘apps’ over the top of the airtable data.


the softr and glide integration are nice, thanks

Why not Airtable? I used it for a while and it was good.

I don’t know if you need the table approach for your database that Airtable offers, but Devonthink is for me THE DATABASE to use. You can link everything and reference all your stuff in Devonthink, find your information easily, apply metadata, create smart groups according to that metadata, etc.

I think Airtable is more useful when you have your data there and then you pull that information to create something else, like a landing page a report or a basic app, which are things Devonthink doesn’t do.

Maybe some shortcuts or apple script can help with that automation.