Experience with blinkist?

Hi everyone!
Have anyone tried blinkist? If yes, do you recommend this service?

There’s a seven-day trial, if you want so see if it fits your style.

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Yes, I saw that. Just wanted to hear opinions from mpu listeners :blush:

I’ve tried it and didn’t think it offered more comprehension for the time spent than reading the ToC, index, intro and chapter summaries of typical business books (step one of the Mortimer Adler method.)

However, that method works best with a print book and library access, so if comparing digital to digital, especially if purchasing ebooks, I expect Blinkist would provide summaries more effectively than bouncing around in an ebook and look good financially compared to buying books you don’t want to read.

I tried it ona Groupon deal years ago. Found I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. I’ve tried some of the competitors, like 12min and really don’t use it that much either.

I like my podcasts and audiobooks better.

I use it on a weekly basis on the free plan.

Every Sunday, they email you advising of details of the audio book that will be free on each day of the coming week.

I glance through those and set a reminder for the particular day of the free book interest me.

Some weeks I don’t find anything interesting, but it’s free so cannot complain.

Sometimes, I find the book interesting after listing to their summary and than read the actual book.

If you have an American Express, you can get a free year