Experience with the PROMISE Apollo Cloud 2 DUO?

Hi, everyone!

I need to improve my backup setup, and have started looking into some NAS Options. The Apollo seems to be a well reviewed option with fairly low complexity in getting up and running.

It will be part of my Velop-based Mesh WiFi, and the main purpose will be Time Machine of an iMac, a MacBook Pro, and some misc storage.

…all the other features the Apollo - and most other NAS-based systems I guess - can provide will be something that I’ll look into later.

Now the main focus is getting rid of the current setup of manually connecting external drives for backups… which is terrible. :joy:

I’m always a bit sceptical with private cloud options that rely heavily on a webservice provided by the vendor. This means the options I have are dependent on the vendor, and their whims. What if they decide to retire the platform in a year?

I like to have control over the services myself. It is sometimes a bit more work, but pays off in the end.

I currently have a Synology NAS, running owncloud in a Docker container and that gives me all the private cloud options I need. I mostly access it through openVPN and that gives me the security assurance I want. (for now)

I could have used the packages provided by Synology, but decided against it because of the availability of owncloud. I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one vendor basket. If something happens to Synology I just start up the docker on another NAS (no matter what vendor) or a mac mini and I’m up and running again.


Thanks for your thoughts on this!

Really good point about being dependent on the supplier keeping the service alive, I hadn’t considered or noticed that.

My primary use Case is really just to have a secure and easy way for running Time Machine over WiFi when I’m actually “on-site”, and similarly have a place to back up other files.

Then I think a 2 bay synology might even be a lot cheaper and can give you more secure options.

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