Experiences with faxing using Readdle’s Scanner Pro?

Hi all,

I need to fax some materials to a government agency in Washington as part of a project for one of my clients. I would send these documents by other means, however, the faxing is an agency requirement. My home office set up includes several HP multi functional printers, but none of them have fax capability because, quite frankly, I haven’t had the need, until now, to fax anything.

I have Readdle’s Scanner Pro on my IPad but I have not used it’s faxing capabilities. I am looking for anyone’s feedback on how they found it to work. Any input would be helpful, since I need to make sure these documents arrive and are legible.


I did it once. Never heard back from the recipient about scan quality - so I assume there was nothing to report.

FYI for years I’ve sent pdfs as faxes using FaxZero.com from my Mac. (You could use it from iOS too.) It’s simple, easy, and you can send free faxes up to three pages in length for free (plus auto-generated cover page to which you list sender/recipient/note), with up to 5 free faxes/day. For longer faxes it’s $1.99/fax up to 25 pages. The free version includes a FaxZero ad on the cover page, the paid version does not. Fantastic service.

I’d owned both Readdle Scanner Pro and Scanbot and used to prefer Scanbot, but when it went subscription I switched over to Readdle, which I found just as good for my limited needs - scanning multi-page documents, appending to those documents at a later date, and transforming into b&w for better quality text scans.

I love Scanner Pro and use it multiple times per week. Have never had an issue.

I recently used it to send a fax to a local county office. It said it was delivered but the office said they didn’t receive it. Had to go to FedEx to send it.

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Thanks for the input, gang. Much appreciated.

When I had to fax the UK tax people I used both Efax and ifax. I didn’t have a problem with either. I remember ifax being cheaper at the time than using the post.

Does anyone know what external faxing service Readdle uses? I can’t find confirmation of it anywhere.

They only say they use an “external service.” Since they offer faxing to 50+ countries it’s probably J2 Communications’ efax (J2 is the largest player in this market), possibly ifax.

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Closing the loop on my question & story…

Tried the Readdle’s fax service via Scanner Pro. I was hoping to save my Word doc as a PDF on my Mac, and then move it into the ScannerPro sync Folder so it would show up on ScannerPro on my iPad. No such luck, so I scanned a printed copy of my document using my iPad’s camera and Scanner Pro. I sent the fax using the share sheet extension. I think the cost was $1.99 payable through the App Store. I never got a confirmation from the app that the fax had arrived, though. :man_shrugging: So I dunno…

In the meantime, one of my office managers told me that we have an online RightFax service subscription in the office, and that I can fax that way. New to me since I always had my secretary send faxes for me. Anyway, I’ve been using that successfully from home and will continue to do so,